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Recovery Residences

Welcome to Grateful Days of Delray Beach. We are a ¾ house striving to give the recovering addict a safe, secure and helpful environment in which to live and continue on the road to a joyous & free life.

Addiction is a self imposed prison and as many of us has learned, even after breaking the bonds of obsession, wanting too much too soon can bring us right back where we started. Recovery is a process and getting back on one’s feet doesn’t happen overnight so generally after detox and treatment, communal sober living situations are advised.

Many people find some of these situations, such as most ½ way houses too strict for their current needs and too many restraints on our personal freedoms may cause us to rebel. At Grateful Days we demand Honesty, Respect and a lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol. These traits are paramount in the life of any right thinking individual. Beyond that, within guidelines, you are free to live, work and play as you would in your own residence.

We’ve all heard the catchphrase ‘I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired’ and most of us have lived it, some, unfortunately, for many years. If you are reading this you’re taking proactive steps to deal with your problem instead of sitting on the sidelines watching your life go by. Now, you’re about to take the next step.

Whether it be your first soberhouse after treatment or your own first steps in life’s reclaimation, we feel Grateful Days is your next logical move to assimilate yourself back into the mainstream.

We are a ¾ house with a firm commitment to give you a safe, secure and comfortable environment in which to live and continue on your road to recovery. Your time here should be looked at as a time of transition from the rigorous structure of treatment or ½ way houses to the more relaxed environment offered here.

When you walk in the front door and you think to yourself ‘Thank God, I'm home’ then you know you're in the right place. Aside from creating a safe harbor in which to call home we've added as many comforts and amenities as is feasible.